LED TV contains liquid mercury that is not good for our eye’s retina. Projector is best alternate for watching tv channels.
-  Dr. Manjul, AIIMS, New Delhi


LED TV are fixed. Projector’s flexibility to rotate and shift the screen to side, up and down helps to keep the posture straight and free from cervical pain.
We can optimize the viewing size  & move the screen as per convenience & number of viewers.
-  Dr. Naresh, PGI


Projectors are much better and safer than any TV. I bought one for my own Clinic and would recommend same to all my patients.
-  Dr. Anil Sharma, Delhi


“My Child’s eye sight became weak due to Watching Cartoons on LED TV. Then, I realized that i wasted Rs.40,000 on LED TV, it still Affected my child’s eyesight then i sold LED on OLX and purchased Projector TV as it is safe for eyes.”
-  Sanjiv Sharma, Sector-50, Chandigarh.


“All my kitty friends prefer to party and watch movies at my home. Than going to crowded theatres.”
-  Anju Bansal, Mohali.


“I took my projector to my friend’s place on weekend and it was a great experience watching 3 movie continuously without any strain on the eyes.”

-  Vinod Duggal, Zirakpur


Like few Harmful Medicines are banned abroad, but are still frequently sold in india. people in abroad don’t prefer those Medicines. Similarly they also don’t Prefer LED TV to save eyes from its Mercury, Reflection & Flickering. They use Projector as TV.
- Dr. William, England(Through Internet)