Designed technology for CCTV surveillance line is CCD technology, not c-mos technology. C-mos technology is used in computer web-cameras.

If you are buying(DIS) C-Mos (Web Camera of Rs. 300-400) fitted in CCTV camera body (housing) then you cannot get sharp results.Web (DIS) Camera’s Color gets week in1-2 Years. Customer has to change the camera again. But in CCD Camera Color will get weak even after 5years.


Put straight thin noodles in a glass of water, you can even see very small gap between all thin noodles in different colors with CCD Camera as you are watching with your eyes. However, with C-MOS Camera noodles in the glass will be shown in one color (without thin gaps).


In night vision camera, there are 24 & 36 LED camera. But instead 24 & 36 LED camera, we recommend Array LED cameras for best night vision.

1 Array LED=72 LED

We recommend Mega Pixel HD Cameras(CCD) rather than Ordinary TVL (DIS) Cameras.

We use best supply (SMPS) cables, connectors.